Flash Worker Series 2!

Flash Freddy Thumbs Up-900

I have now finished the 2nd version of the ‘Flash Worker’ series videos.

This one is of one of our workers Freddy Jung acting as our ‘Flash Worker’ whilst making a new porthole for the new super yacht.

The team are becoming quite engaged with the concept and are all thinking about what new activity they can come up with to qualify for being selected as the ‘Flash Worker’ next time.

A bit of fun and you can view the video here.

Bring on Summer!

Longreach Blues

About this stage every year I start to long for Summer and those magic no wind days at Rottnest.

I am guessing that the spat of cold weather and rain has many other thinking the same, so I thought i would post a very summery image so that we can focus on something to wish for!

Stormy Lee

Stormy Lee

Lee and I joined Lauren Jackson to celebrate her 30th birthday and the theme of the party was to go as what you always wanted to be.

Lee’s choice of costume was Storm from X Men and so I decided to work up an image to compliment the theme.

Yesterday Saul from Camera Electronics with Pro Photo Coach Stefan came over with my new Pro Photo lighting kit and some training, so we put the kit through its paces with some light hearted poses.

The weekend has been a steep learning curve! 🙂

Thanks to Saul for the support as always!

Flash Worker Hull Moves

Flash Worker Hull Move

This morning was a big milestone here at Echo Yachts and Evolution Commercial whereby the aluminium modules we have been working on for the centre hull of the 84m Super we are building came together as one.
True to our company catch cries of ‘dare to be different’ and ‘Anything, anywhere, anytime’, our team came up with a very innovative solution to move these heavy modules around that were too big to handle with our overhead cranes.
Each leg of the modules were supported by lifting tablets that function in the same manner as mini hovercrafts, thus allowing the structures to be moved with limited force.
In fact for the first move, we promoted one worker, Auto, to be the Flash worker for the day and after donning the Flash worker T shirt he single handedly pulled the 35 tonne module across the floor.
You can see the Flash Worker Video here
Stay tuned for more ‘Flash Worker’ updates!