Mist and Texture

Tree Texture

Another shot from the misty morning last Sunday.

Lee was getting a bit peeved with all the stopping on the way homely this time with some subtle comments like….’are we ever going to get home’!

Pretty perceptive I was and figured that maybe this should be the last stop!

Clever eh! šŸ™‚

Into the Mist

Into the Mist-texture

We have had a a fair bit of rain over the last couple of days and this little scene caught my eye on the way to work yesterday of a ship heading off into the mist.

I especially liked the flour dude at the end of the mole, so I kept the colour on him.

Photo Expo Coming up from Camera Electronics

A message to all Photogs out there!

Camera Electronics are holding a Photo Expo on the 25th of July with an array of amazing speakers and everything photo on the day.

For details, please click on the link below.

I think it will be a great opportunity to catch up with fellow members of the Photog community and to learn some new tricks over the day as well.

I will certainly be there, so I look fwd too seeing everyone there!


Hillman Farm Skydivers 40th Anniversary Meet and Mumbles Memorial Meet

Runway Mumbles Cross Mumbles Memorial The Pit Nisan Hut Pano Grunter on Fire Hillman Group Stitch-Top on-us


This weekend’s adventure was to go down to Hillman Farm Skydivers to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the skydiving Club.

As you can see by the group shot, the event was well attended from people who were involved from the get go, to the newby’s to the sport and everyone in-between.

It was great to catch up with so many crew we haven’t seen for a while.

Also part of the event was the traditional Mumbles memorial meet which is an annual event to remember a young skydiver who had a tragic accident down there in 1983 by the name of Mark Kirby…AKA Mumbles.

A could of the shots above show the memorial that has been created to remember Mumbles.

It was also really good to see the locals there getting behind the event as they always do.

Also a tradition at the event is the famous pit fire, where a drum of Avgas is poorer into the put and set alight. The flames that come up are quite cool and get more intense when the gravel is disturbed which promotes the pit walk!

The runway shot shows just how big the Hillman runway is and it is often used by the Military for Skydive training and land C130 Hercules aircraft down there.

A fun weekend!

Super Yacht project starting to take shape!

Southern Shed before rolling Outside the shed Rolling 1 Inner Hull Roll over

We had a long and big day today with Mike Fletcher and his offsider Darren Mac Cagh up to capture the first major event on the 84m Super Yacht project.

The ali team have been working diligently and tirelessly to finalise the centre hull modules so they could be rolled today and next week they will all come together as one which will form the hub of the super yacht coming together.

A 0600 start and a lot going on throughout the day. Rolling these big modules take team work and precision and the boys did us proud.

Onto the next chapter!