The Lady of the Lake!

The Lady of the lake

I spent the weekend on a very impromptu adventure with a few mates, setting out to Lake Ballard on Friday arvo, arriving at the lake around 2330 and then did a 2 hour shoot.

After a sunrise shoot we headed back to Northam, where we were very well looked after by locals Peter Hodge and Merv French, which in turn paved the way for this morning’s ballon flights.

An action packed weekend for sure, but quite successful!

This is the first image I have had a chance to look at.

A 10 minute exposure from my new Nikon D810a and the camera does that length exposure in camera….boom! šŸ™‚

Cottesloe Sunset


Cottesloe Sunset St

Cottesloe Lights HDR Cottesloe SS Pano

I set out to do my cross fit this evening, but ended up wagging it as I saw what was looming on the sunset front.

Here is 3 images shot this evening.

There were surprisingly few people out this evening, so hopefully these images will make up for those who missed this evenings show!

High Street Light

High Street Morning SR

This is similar to a shot I took in High Street Fremantle recently, but the skies attracted me to pull over and shoot it again.

I shot it last week on a cold and storming morning giving the image the moody effect you can see above.

Vedder Wilderness Lodge and Surrounds slide show

The Gap St

As some of you are aware, we spent last weekend down at the Lake Pedder Wilderness Lodge as guests of one of the new operators down there, Chris Podesta.

Chris looked after us very well and shared his vision for the lodge, which I am sure will be a success, given his drive and enthusiasm.

The video is a quick snapshot of the experiences to be had in the region, but certainly only just that…a quick snap shot!

You can see the video here

More images from Lake Pedder

Oscar and the Reeds Oscar and the Rainbow

Our guide, Chris Podesta, has a great little dog called Oscar, who ended up being the star of the show yesterday morning.

Such a vibrant little dog and totally devoted to his master.

On the way to this location, which is called Ted’s beach, Chris was telling me how he had seen a white rainbow the previous day.

Order one white rainbow to go and boom! Very cool!