Gantheaume Point Colours

Ganthian Point SS St

Whilst in Broome last week, I set out to Gantheaume Point to capture some sunset colours and was actually quite taken back with the various textures and colours imbedded in the surrounds out there.

In some ways there is so much going on all around you it was difficult to break the beauty down into a single capture, but am quite happy with how this one turned out.

Mangrove Sunrise

Mangrove Sunrise

I set out this morning with local photog, Mieke Boynton.

We found a nice East facing beach to welcome in the morning light.

The weather is definitely on the turn up here as we actually had fog at 5 am this morning!

We also had to clean condensation off our lenses continuously.

A fun morning out and thanks Mieke for coming out even though you were still getting over the lurgy!

More Rowley’s Gold

White-Flower The-Spinner Sunset-Drinks Rowleys-Sunrise Infinity-Blues-High

Here are a few more images from the recent True North trip at the Rowley Shoals.

A few aerial shots in there from the Phantom 3.

Sunset drinks were a treat and being able to get video and stills from the drone was a real bonus.

All that was topped of by one of the crew, Glenn doing a fire dance for us at the end.

Very cool!

Proposal on board True North!

Tine-and-Andy-3 Tina-and-Andy-8 Tina-and-Andy-7 Tina-and-Andy-6 Tina-and-Andy-5 Tina-and-Andy-4 Tina-and-Andy-2 Tina-and-Andy-1

The most romantic proposal I have ever seen! On board the True North this week, we had a couple from Johannesburg who had been dating for 6 years. Andy and Tina were their names and on the way back in from an awesome dive Tina was presented with a sign arranged by Andy asking her to marry him.

He had arranged for the tender driver to keep the ring secret and after she saw the sign, he dropped on one knee and proposed.

Some of the crew had written on their chests…’say yes’!

A first for me on True North….the last time at the Rowleys we had a wedding on the beach, so we might be very much evolving into the ‘Love Boat’!

Nice work Andy!

First Images from True North at the Rowley Shoals


Entrance Pano

Gav on Board

An absolutely sensational start to the Rowley’s season on True North this year.

A nice calm passage over and very calm and clear conditions all day yesterday.

A couple of firsts above:

The first D810 image from my new Nauticam housing and the first aerial image of the trip. I have done 4 flights already with the Phantom 3 Drone and have some amazing video vision as well.

As time permits, I will assemble the footage into a video, but with the action packed days out here I doubt that will be before I return home.

Stay tuned for more images as time permits.