The EUROZ Cold Water Classic Swim 2015


This is a video I put together from a drone shoot on Saturday to assist the organisers of the Cold Water Classic Swim from North Cottesloe to Cott.

I had some very welcome and unexpected help from Neal Pritchard​ AKA Mr Spool and also the lovely Peta-Anne North​ in the air taking aerials.

Thanks troops.

Before the race there was a group of passionate Ukulele pluckers plucking away in front of the Blue Duck restaurant, so I used some of their music for the intro. Nice work also to the Blue Duck Pluckers! 🙂

The swim is being run to raise awareness about Leukaemia as a fund raiser.

Fund Raising Swim next weekend for Luekeamia

The Swim-2

Next weekend I am supporting a fund raiser for the Leukaemia foundation.

Having lost a close mate a few years ago to Leukaemia, I was only too happy to assist when asked.

They are running a swim from North Cottesloe to Cottesloe at 1200 which will be a 1.8km swim and for the Nippers there is a 400m swim at 1130.

So, to all you swimmers out there and even the non swimmers who are looking to lose a few kilos for summer, register on the following website and come along on Saturday and enjoy the swim!

I will be videoing the event with my Drone and will post a snap shot clip after the event next week.

I flew a dummy run on Saturday showing the route the swimmers will take.

The link to the website can be found here.


Castle Rock Colours

Castle Rock Low Tide

Lee and I spent the weekend down south again this weekend and I headed out to Bunkers and Castle Rock for a shoot with Ian Weise and Mikie Mike Fletcher on Saturday arvo…or at least Mikie Mike was with us for the Castle Rock part.

We had some nice light and a little thunderstorm cruising by, which made for an interesting skyline for a while.

The colour in the water was popping nicely as the sun punched out from behind the clouds periodically, so it was just a matter of waiting for those moments!

Rowley Shoals Pipe Worm

Lady Fingers

I sat and watched the mesmerising antics of this beautiful pipe worm for a good 5 minutes….whilst my patient dive buddy Lindsay waited patiently exploring his own piece of the reef close by.

These worms will retract into the coral if you get too close, but whilst out and showing off their beauty they remain a sight to behold.