Fund Raising Swim next weekend for Luekeamia

The Swim-2

Next weekend I am supporting a fund raiser for the Leukaemia foundation.

Having lost a close mate a few years ago to Leukaemia, I was only too happy to assist when asked.

They are running a swim from North Cottesloe to Cottesloe at 1200 which will be a 1.8km swim and for the Nippers there is a 400m swim at 1130.

So, to all you swimmers out there and even the non swimmers who are looking to lose a few kilos for summer, register on the following website and come along on Saturday and enjoy the swim!

I will be videoing the event with my Drone and will post a snap shot clip after the event next week.

I flew a dummy run on Saturday showing the route the swimmers will take.

The link to the website can be found here.


6 thoughts on “Fund Raising Swim next weekend for Luekeamia

    1. If I could work out a way to do both I would mate! It will be good to have someone there to assist me as well, so your being there will be a big help I reckon! I will let you know the finer details later in the week.

      It will be a good chance to train you up as well!

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