Spirit House PNG


On the last day of the Sepik River excursion we flew about 40nm mile further up river (as the crow flies) in the True North Heli to visit some Spirit houses and see the induction into manhood as per the details I set out in my previous post. We were already about 40nm up river on True North as the crow flies, so by the time we landed in the Spirit House area we were quite a way up this great river!

This was the largest and most impressive spirit house which is a place where the men hang out and chat.

The particular Spirit House was over 100 years old and each post had an enemy buried under the pole!

The carvings on these poles and the big timber drums was as detailed as they were extraordinary!

The strange thing about these places is that they all did have a very spiritual feeling about them and were quite calming to walk into!

Pied Piper

Piece-Kids Jetty-Kids Happy-Kids

On the last day of our True North adventure we were at Bagabag Island and in the afternoon I spent an hour or so shooting these kids who were jumping off the jetty.

Incredibly confident in the water and great swimmers.

Their standard answer to every instruction was an exuberant ‘YES’ and then after all was done, they insisted on following me in a swim back to True North, which was a good 500m offshore.

I took pity on one of the smaller ones who grew tired and allowed him to do the tired swimmer on my shoulders but the rest of the group simply seemed to grow as we got closer to True North in True Pied Piper style!

A very memorable and enjoyable shoot!

PNG Clarity

Red Funnel Island Lines Pano/Users/mark/Desktop/Island Lines Pano.jpg
/Users/mark/Desktop/Red Funnel.jpg

Internet is a bit slow up here at the moment hence a bit slow with my posts this trip.

Suffice to say the water clarity is exceptional both above and below the water.

They have had a 4 month drought up up here and it is really noticeable. Normally we get very cool thunderstorms each afternoon, but not now.

I very much hope they get some rain soon.

First images from Keivieng

Single Coral God Rays Yellow Gold Angle Gods

We are now safely on True North and had our first snorkel this afternoon followed by a beautiful meal by the True North chefs of fresh Barramundi from the Kimberley set on a bed of corn puree accompanied with some carrot chips.

I am pleased to say that I think I am getting the hang of the new Nauticam housing and the strobes and I managed to come away with at least 8 good shots from this shoot…..very unusual for underwater photography from my experience!

Tomorrow we dive on the Sanko Maru wreck and the 2 man Japanese sub. One of my favourite dives up here and we have very little swell so hopefully we will get some great clarity.

Back to PNG on True North

Lee and the Coconut Lee and I are flying out to True North tomorrow and back to PNG for the Sepik cruise that we loved so much last year, we decided to do it again!

I will be taking all of my kit, including 2 Nikon D810’s, the Nauticam housing, the Phantom 3 Drone and as of today, I have just received the new DJI OSMO, courtesy of Saul from Camera Electronics.

They just received their first stock in today and I was lucky enough to get mine in time for this cruise.

As tine permits, I will post live from True North.

Me and the Drone!

Me and the Drone-900 Thumbs up!-900

Last weekend we were putting the final touches on our new property down south and managed to catch up for a shoot at Sugarloaf with Tommy Tom Putt who was over from Victoria and a few students he was coaching.

I took the drone down for a fly and Tommy boy took a few shots of the drone in action.

Christian, Jenny and the kids came over to help christen the BBQ which all went to plan, followed up by the big morning tea with Tom and his team!

Thanks for the pics Tommy boy! šŸ™‚

The top pick is of me catching the drone after the second flight.

Melbourne Cup Sizzle at Echo Yachts

Melbourne cup Pano _TNM0115

I trust everyone out there had a great Melbourne Cup day!

It is an iconic Australian day that brings Aussies together very well and our team at Echo and Evolution Commercial were no exception.

We are getting close to 270 staff here now and we pulled the team together to watch the Melbourne cup and to have a few sweeps as well, as I am sure the rest of the country was doing in one way, shape or form!

I hope everyone else did better than I, as my 2 horses are still running I think!

This morning we also moved the 3rd out rigger module into place on the 84m Super Yacht. It is really taking shape now.