Beautiful Niseko


After a bit of a tweak of an old injury on my knee, I decided to head out for a day of photography which I enjoyed very much.

Up until now, we have had constant snow fall and flat light so today was the only day I could have gone about this mission.

Up until today, we could not even see the volcano off in the distance, never mind photograph it!

3rd day of Skiing in Niseko

Dave and I Gondola us

It was our 3rd day on the slopes today and all of our legs feel like it as well!

We caught up with the kids finally today and did some slope sliding with them wish was cool.

There is a reason why Japan has some of the best powder in the world….it snows a lot! We have only seen blue skies now for about 3 hours and the rest of the time it has been snowing!

Challenging conditions to ski in for sure!

Sunday night sunset over Fremantle Harbour

Freo Harbour SS..

Whilst hanging around waiting for our 0130 departure this morning, I noticed that the skies over Fremantle were shaping up very nicely.

I was all packed, so decided to treat myself to a quick sortie out and about in Freo.

I settled on the harbour entrance as there were a lot of people out fishing and enjoying the ambience in general.

Set up in this location was a keen young photog called Dave and we had a bit of a chat about the joy of photography and getting out and about to witness such scenes.

He was obviously well on his way with his photography journey.

We are now in Hirafu in Japan and went from a balmy 27 degrees in Perth to minus 13 here!

But the snow reports are looking dam good, so bring it on in the morning!

Point Walter and Fremantle Storm Fronts

Point Walter Storm 1 St

Museum Storm St

South Mole Lightning


Sometimes the Planets align well when you are in the right place at the right time.

Tonight was one of Β those times!

After work I saw a Thunder cell starting to form over Perth and it looked like it was going to come my way, so I scoffed down some dinner and set off to Point Walter.

I did not have my timelapse camera with me so used the Nikon D810 for the first time for both Time-lapse and stills.

As I saw what was coming together, I called a work colleague Russell and he graciously agreed to go to work to get my Time-lapse kit for the second round.

That also worked out perfectly as after the front passed over me I headed out to South Mole and once again, nailed it perfectly!

I guess that all made up for the weekend’s fopar of classic rookie mistakes!

Above you will see photos and the Time-lapse from tonights successful Mission.

Thanks Russell for rushing around for me!

Rottnest at its best!

Leeuwin with Dragon Clouds Geordie Pink Sunrise Thompsons Rainbow-900

Well…what a weekend!

I spent most of the weekend shooting Rottnest with my good mate and photography mentor, Christian Fletcher and in typical arsy fashion, Christian jagged what I think was one of the best photography weekends I have seen for some time at Rottnest this weekend…especially yesterday!

Wow what a day: light winds for most of the day, awesome clouds, an epic sunrise and the best sunset I have ever seen at Rotto.

The sad part of the story is that both Christian and I both left our cameras behind for the epic sunset that happened as we both had social commitments…dang dang dang!

Note to self…in future, take the Nikon on your hip with the Rapid strap you hack! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I shouldn’t sook too much as we nailed quite a few epic scenes over the weekend with some 500 shots taken.

The other funny part of the weekend is that a bunch of my mates stayed away from Rotto this weekend because of the forecast of high winds.

The weekend will go down as a weekend of bad decisions all round! πŸ™‚