Point Walter and Fremantle Storm Fronts

Point Walter Storm 1 St

Museum Storm St

South Mole Lightning


Sometimes the Planets align well when you are in the right place at the right time.

Tonight was one of ย those times!

After work I saw a Thunder cell starting to form over Perth and it looked like it was going to come my way, so I scoffed down some dinner and set off to Point Walter.

I did not have my timelapse camera with me so used the Nikon D810 for the first time for both Time-lapse and stills.

As I saw what was coming together, I called a work colleague Russell and he graciously agreed to go to work to get my Time-lapse kit for the second round.

That also worked out perfectly as after the front passed over me I headed out to South Mole and once again, nailed it perfectly!

I guess that all made up for the weekend’s fopar of classic rookie mistakes!

Above you will see photos and the Time-lapse from tonights successful Mission.

Thanks Russell for rushing around for me!

6 thoughts on “Point Walter and Fremantle Storm Fronts

  1. Hey Markie Mark – now thats what I’m talking about! I thought you would have captured it. I really love the top one. Fantastic opportunity hey – just love what Mother Nature throws at us!

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