Busselton Jetty Colours

Pole Gods

As per my post yesterday, we had some serious adventures last weekend and ended up diving the Busselton Jetty twice.

Once with the wide angle and once with the Macro.

Yesterday’s dive was something else and perfect conditions, with clarity as good as it gets

The colours under the Busselton jetty can rival any dive any where I reckon!

Anyway here’s a bit of  a teaser to wet the appetite. I have plenty more where this one came from and some great video as well, so in the next few days will be posting a video.

Busselton Blues

Blue Yacht

What a cracker of a day down South today!

We started off with a surf at Gallows, followed by Breaky at Barnyards near the Smith Beach turn off, which was simply superb, then we loaded up the tender with the dive gear and dived the Busselton Jetty.

Wow……video and stills to come s time permits on that front.

Then I flew the drone over the jetty followed by a shoot out in the bay with these yachts racing with their spinnakers up!

Still from the Nikon and then up again with the drone above this lot!

I have a bit of editing to do! 🙂

True North ready for this year’s cruise season…almost!

True North on Slip Bow Quarter TN on slip High

Another year of refit almost finished for True North.

A few curve balls again this year with a bit of corrosion in the exhaust on the port side which needed some attention and thanks to the dedication and follow through from both the Evolution Commercial team and the North Star team, we are not once again ready for this years cruise season with True North starting the season in as new condition.

A bit of spit and polish to be done over the next week and all will be good for the West Coast explorer departure.

I have put together a short drone video here of the launch:


East West design art: Western perspective

Freo Art

I caught up with visiting NQLD Photog, Steve Nowakowski yesterday arvo and set out for a shoot from Freo, to Kings Park to Elizabeth Quays.

A fun night out and I think we have another convert to the beauty of WA with Steve as he was spoilt by being down south on the weekend, then Rotto at its epic best and then last nights sortie!

East West Designs have now painted the other Western Aspect of their show rooms, which has come up a treat…enjoy!

Johnson Road Fires/Yarloop Fires


On the way home from down south on Sunday, I dropped into the thick of the fire zone to do a drone fly to get a better perspective of what the aftermath of the recent fires were down  that way.

Strangely enough another photog, Graham Ditterich had the same idea and was lurking around in the bush when we ran into each other.

I called out: ‘Phase one’ and he replied, ‘True North Mark’! Small world!

So, I did a bit of a drone fly and yes it is very evident from the air that the whole area got very hot as there are very little small trees or undergrowth left at all.

But what was evident is the new growth as depicted in the shot above. Fire is required to germinate some seeds I believe and for sure that was happening all around the area where we were shooting.

I feel for the people of Yarloop and the others affected by these fires as they must have been very intense and overwhelming in many ways. Fortunately at least these fires are tamed for now!