Elizabeth Quay festival

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Last night I went down to Elizabeth Quays for a bit of a shoot and a drone fly and was fortunate enough to see a bit of a festival going on down there.

This is my take on the Elizabeth Quays, which I might add gets my tick of approval as it has definitely made a beautiful community area and is being well used!

Vimeo Link below:


10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Quay festival

  1. That’s a pretty cool bridge Mark! Looks like you were having a lot of fun with the drone … seems to be very stable as well. When you pan the camera I didn’t notice any camera shake …. really good! Nice light show too.

    1. Yes the drone is the bomb Paul and I am sure you could make good use of one! They are easy to fly and very stable as you have pointed out. You can do long exposures with them! The GPS controls height and position very well!

  2. Well caught Markie Mark! We went over to see the laser show on the first weekend but alas it was cancelled due to the bad weather!! Love the colours.

  3. The word spectacular comes to mind Mark. I can’t get those angles but your shots have convinced me to go down tonight and see what I can shoot from ground level. The State Govt should pay you for these shots.

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