7 thoughts on “Rottnest Magic!

  1. Beautiful shots Mark love the colors.

    Haven’t been to Rottnest for a very long time.

    Love your work.

    Tom Taylor

  2. Shot 4 should go straight to the poolroom, Mark! Spectacular water colours remind me of my childhood around Point Peron, and my earliest snorkel experiences.Is that a polariser on the front?
    Keep it up and don’t be disillusioned by the odd ‘ unsubscribe.’

  3. I liked #5, I really do like the aerial shots, probably comes from my photogrammetric background. Just out of interest what do you use to get them, I know you’ve got a drone, but what sort of set up do you use?

  4. Cool, I’ll check them out and talk to Saul. One of these days I will actually go out to Rotto, probably in the winter.

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