Oly’s video for the Fremantle video competition, featuring Shakey the painter

The Boys

Our True North on board photog, Oliver Oldroyd has now completed his video focusing on Fremantle and some of the characters of Fremantle.

It is Oly’s submission to a current video competition.

The video features Shakey, who is both a flatmate and a passionate painter and it has come together very well.

Please have a look at the boys work and vote with a like on Utube.

Thanks in advance!


Chev El Camino

Camnlo 1 Camino Rear Camino fronte

I had a chance meeting of the owner of this cool Chevy El Camino yesterday who had dropped in to see if the previous owner was in.

We got chatting and decided that neither of us had anything pressing on so set out to Eagle Bay for a bit of a shoot and a drone fly.

A very cool bit of kit that has been meticulously restored and looked after since then.

They sure knew how to design sweet lines back then!

Roof Top Creativity

The Boys

The review

The Ring Arrow Last night I joined the very talented and passionate Oly Oldroyd, who is one of the on board photographers on True North.

He has embarked on a mission to enter a video completion to showcase Fremantle and Oly has chosen to feature his flatmate Shakey, who is a Fremantle artist.

There is a pop up bar currently operating on the top of the Queensgate carpark in Fremantle and Oly came up with the idea of getting Shakey to do a painting of Bon Scott live in the very cool surroundings on the rooftop bar, where he had video captures, drone footage, timeless and stills.

I very much enjoyed this little excursion and  found all the creative energy very inspiring.

I will share Oly’s video when it is done and I am sure you will all be impressed with the outcome.

Sneak Peak at Super Yacht progress

Outriggers up HDR

If you follow the link above you will see a bit of a teaser video we have put together to showcase what we have been up to on the big super yacht project we are working on.

Video and editing thanks to Mike Fletcher and Darren Mc Cagh with a little bit of support from yours truly with some time lapses!

Nice work Mike and Darren!