Atacama Desert Video

Leading Oranges St-B&W

I have now completed the video that show cases a little more about the Atacama adventure we just did.

If you follow the link below it will take you to the Vimeo link where the video is embedded.

But first a few big thank you’s!

As always, Saul Frank from Camera Electronics went out of his way to make sure I had the new Phantom 4 in time for this trip…thanks Saul!

Next on the thank you list is my travel buddy, Brent Pearson. He is an editing guru and trained in that discipline and he coached me through Adobe Premier over the time in Atacama…steep learning curve I can assure you!

Now to thank the people on the ground over there.

Firstly, Ian Plant from Epic Destinations did a wonderful job of guiding the group and planning the schedule and did all of the above with one of the worst flues I have seen anyone with for a while…so nice work Ian!

Secondly were our wonderful guides from Socompa. These guides were amazing and great drivers to boot and they all rose over and above the call of duty to rescue my drone when I had a bit of a problem with it as you will see in the video.

And last but not least a thank you to the other photog’s who made the trip as well. The itinerary was full on and up every morning at 0500 whilst covering around 2,000 kms on gravel roads….not of the feint hearted!

But, the rewards were there for sure as the landscape was beautifully enticing as well as it was rugged and changing all the time, which made for a very interesting drive.

You can see the video link below:



4 thoughts on “Atacama Desert Video

  1. very cool inside look into he area Mark … nice work … Love the salt pans they look amazing, what makes those markers n the salt pans, they seem man made, is a harvest of some sort ?

    Love the layers rock great colours and textures …

    1. Yes its a pretty cool place Neal and a new and different landscape around every corner.

      Getting around on gravel roads gets a bit tedious after a while as does being up at 14,000 ft for days on end as well.

      They do harvest the salt from that lake and its a big export for them I think.

      I think it is a natural lake but harvested all the same.

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