Jetty Gold

Jetty Gold

Every now and then people come out of the blue and do cool things and this last night and this morning was one of those moments.

Jamie Paterson sent me a text last night telling me I should get down to this location as he had seen a cool composition and wanted to see what I would do with it.

So I set out and was not disappointed!

This was a 4 image stitch which led onto a morning of gold down the river a bit.

Thanks very much for the heads up Jamie….this mornings shoot set me up for a great day. I’ll have to think of something cool to repay the favour!

So, I guess the subliminal message is to get out there and do something nice for someone…just coz!


New Phantom 4 Backpack

IMG_1128 IMG_1129 IMG_1127

I have just received a new backpack for my Phantom 4 Drone thanks to Kym Peacock from DJI and Saul Frank from Camera Electronic.

Not to mention Reece Tripi for picking it up for me.

The backpack is certainly a step up from the previous model which was available for the Phantom 3. The previous model had a similar shape, something like a Ninja Turtle backpack, but the inner section was made of Poly Styrene foam.

As is with the Phantom 4, the new backpack has had some major improvements from the 3 version. The outer pack is now made from quality fabric rather than the harder shell that the 3 backpack had.

The inner support is where the real gold is. It is all made from a silky material and soft foam inner with velcro tab supports every where it is needed.

It has the capacity to carry spare batteries, the charging kit, my new lume cubes (I will be reviewing these soon) and the holders for the cubes.

So, internally the drone itself, the controller and the iPad all have their own sections to keep them snug and safe.

And finally the other upgrade from the 3 backpack is the comfort straps and adjustment as you would expect these days with any back pack, which is a considerable upgrade from the Phantom 3 backpack.

All in all, a solid edition to my Phantom 4 kit and thoroughly recommended for any Phantom 4 owner.

Contact Saul at Camera Electronic for more details.

And one from the ground!

Ship Entrance

I am getting good at juggling the Nikon and the Drone controls…in fact I now have a double Rapid strap so that I can carry a wide angle lens on one back and a zoom on the other and still fly the drone!

So, I shot this one before launching the drone yesterday!

Boranup Forrest after the rain

Boranup Valley St Backlit Tree After the Rain

We had a fair bit of rain Down South yesterday and rather than do the normal couch lizard gig I decided to head out to Boranup again following the rain so that I was there just after it subsided.

The result was lots of water droplets to capture the light in the backlit shots and a lot of colour in the trees as the water brought out the colour nicely.

I spent a very relaxing 2 hours walking the ridge line in the forrest and simply taking in the beauty and taking photos.

A very nice way to spend a rainy day!

East West Designs Artwork

Trackies The-trolley The-Step The-level The-entrance Sketching Boat-Shed

I recently had the privilege of meeting the artist behind the amazing art work appearing on the Eastern and Western wall of East West designs.

His name is Graeme Richards from Alfresco Designs…

He tells me that he is a graphic artist from Christchurch in NZ with no real formal Art training…but by the look of what he can create I think he doesn’t need any training in any case!

Stunning work and amazing talent…and well worth a look.

Graeme is putting the finishing touches on the Eastern wall and I think he has really captured the vision of a ‘beach theme’ with this side of the building.

If you would like to see it for yourself the location is on the Southern side of South Terrace in South Fremantle and the name of the business is East West designs.