The Basin at Rottnest at its best

The Basin Blue Pano

As mentioned in last nights post, I had a few Photog visitors to Rottnest last season and on this weekend we had the Fletchers over and once again, Rottnest turned it on.

The Basin at Rottnest is for sure the most picturesque bay on the island and it has so many epic options for a good capture.

On this occasion, the light and tranquility from this perspective caught my eye and this image is the result of a 5 image stitch with a 24mm lens.

A True North Mark ‘Faulty Tower’ Moment!

King Street-faulty

A series of events yesterday led to what reminded me very much of a series of Faulty Towers, so I thought I should share it.

I had one of my loyal photography clients called me a week or so ago wanting to order a nice big 1m square print of my Blue Hole shot from Wynyalkin, pictured below. It is a 36 image 3 layer stitch and is all focused stacked as well and is one of my favourite images.

Blue Hole St-Large-rework

Anyway, I asked Fitzgeralds to print it, as they did the last print for this lady and my wife Lee Lee agreed to pick it up for me in time for the lady to pick it up by 1730 last night.

Lee Lee picked it up OK but in her haste to rush to a Naturopath appointment with a client of mine, she left it in the car!!! Doh!

My client calls me on the way, saying she was caught in traffic and then I think…’great, I have a bit of breathing space…maybe Lee will make it back home by then’.

But no, my client gets there and I have no image, so I finally manage to raise Lee during her appointment and she says, no problem come to George Street to pick it up, so I get my client to follow me to Lee’s clinic.

When I get there, the receptionist has the keys but gave me the wrong directions as to where Lee’s car was, so I find myself running up and down King street all the while my client is looking on curiously!

After about 10 minutes of running around like a chook with my head cut off, I finally found Lee’s car and then handed over the print to my client.

A very ‘Faulty Towers’ moment and my only regret is I don’t have it all on video! šŸ™‚

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Car and the Yacht

Bentley 1

We had a visit from the team at Chellingworth today and they brought with them the latest and greatest from luxury car manufacturer, Bentley.

We did a shoot with the new Bentley in front of our Super Yacht and the 2 looked made for each other

At a price tag of $750,000, the Bentley boasts a pedigree to move in yacht circles and made for a stunning piece of foreground interest for this shoot.

2 Blokes with Cameras!

Murf and I headed out to Wildflower country up near Paynes Find on the weekend and the above video link is a quick snap shot of that experience.

There is nothing quite like getting out and about seeing the wonders of nature, but there is also very rewarding to be able to capture what we see with various bits of kit and knowledge I have accumulated over the last 8 years or so.

A nice weekend out!

Paynes Find Beauty

Lake SR St Windmill St

Here are 2 different scenes from yesterday’s shoot. Sunrise made for a beautiful orange glow over the lake we stopped at and below that is an example of the Everlasting show on offer up around that area right now.

It is amazing how nature manages to match colours so well, as after we left the windmill we had whites and yellows and then pinks and yellow and blue.