Hump backs ahoy!

baby-dive angry-skies-hump

Here are a couple of more shots from Tonga last week. We are now back and reflecting on the various amazing things we saw.

Plenty of action every day and Darren Jew and his team did a wonderful job of looking after us.

They are up against the odds with only a 3 month season and have to pull it all together for just August through to October every year.

Infrastructure is limited but everything seems to work very well and everyone in Darren’s team shows passion and dedication to make your whale experience as good as it can possibly be from the awesome lunches, great dinners and the dedicated boat captains and guides.

So if you are looking for a very real and different experience with some of the worlds most amazing mammals, then the Tonga Hump back experience is certainly something that you can find Darren on the link here

Getting to Tonga is a bit of a mission, especially from WA and a word of caution if you are thinking about using Air NZ as their excess baggage costs are very over the top. Virgin offered pretty good rates on the way there and the experience with them was pretty good.

I have some awesome drone vision and underwater video etc, which I will put together as time permits to give a better over view of the hump back experience.

Thanks again to Darren and his team!


The Singer!


We had a fantastic last day with Darren Jew yesterday, which started with us chasing a heat run of 9 whales for a couple of hours, but then on the way home we found a male singer whale and we ended up diving with him on 5 or 6 occasions.

According to Darren, what the alfa males often do is to send out a message by way of a whale song to both female whales letting them know he is around, but also to other male whales to stay away.

The singer sinks down to the bottom head first and with their tail sitting up in the air. As the sound is emitted either side of the whale up near the tail, that means the sound has the best chance of going far afield by having the tail up high.

Darren and I were free diving down to around 20m to get shots like these and when the whale was hitting the deep notes, you could feel the sound vibrations hitting you right in the chest!

I have heaps of video with the whale songs on them!

Baby Whale interaction

tail-lift baby-tail bubbles

Lee Lee and Lu Lu had an amazing encounter with a baby whale this afternoon.

He had just finished his afternoon sleep which is evident as the previous dive I was on we could see that he had the right side of his brain shut down sleeping and he was very docile.

When he woke up for the next group of swimmers, he was very playful and rolled around, slapped his tail and was a real show off.

The big fella below was playing just like that at the end of yesterday as well!

More Spring from our South West



A beautiful weekend to be out and about this weekend and managed to capture a lot of colour.

I hope you all managed to shake the winter blues and get back to nature this weekend!

The wildflowers are out everywhere and any where it would seem, so next weekend if you have nothing to do, simply get in the car and go for a drive!