Storm over the yachts!

charley-and-vickey-storm charley-and-vicky-shed

We had some weird weather down at the Shipyard yesterday, where it was quite warm and sunny, but then a small front came through.

So I managed to get the Phantom 4 up just before the heavens opened up.

The images show, for the first time, the 12m cat tender that will be carried across the stern of the Shadow vessel on a purposed built cradle designed by the team at the yard.

A shake down trial yesterday out past Garden Island showed the vessel performed exceptionally well achieving and maintaining a speed of 30 knots out in open water.

Super Yacht refits

anya-on-slip-nikon anya-on-slip-fwd anya-on-slip-aft


Our boys successfully slipped a Super Yacht I was involved in the construction of a few years ago this morning.

The yacht is called Anya and is a 36m Cat built by Evolution Yachts.

She is coming up for her annual survey and to repair a big gouge caused by a sailing yacht dragging their anchor last year.

The straight down shot shows very well the scale of the 36m Anya against our new 46m Charley!

Spring is finally here!

bunkers-gold wyadup-blues-st

Well, I hope everyone got out and about this weekend as we have finally seemed to have broken to rain every weekend curse that has been going on for the last couple of months.

I have some friends over from the East and we headed down south for the weekend.

Stunning weather!

Charley group and night shots

charley-group-shot-st-web charley-night

Here are a couple of other shots of our shadow vessel outside standing tall and ready for launch.

The top one is of the Echo and Evolution team who made the build possible….well done team!

The bottom shot is a night shot which we light painted blending 25 images together using my Phantom 4 Drone with 2 1500 Lume cubes to do the light painting.

It worked a treat and we will definitely be doing more of this sort of stuff in the future!