Wedding Jump!


wedding-exit I saw this photo today on Tony Dale’s Facebook page and thought I would share it.

This was my 55th jump back on January 31, 1987 when I jumped into our wedding.

We all landed in Troy park in Melville and where I landed is where we were married.

On the jump were my 2 AFF instructors, Jim Knox and Irish, Jim is on my right wing and Irish on the left. On the back of the diamond was my old mate Cummo (Steve Cummins) from Newcastle.

Steve originally got me into jumping in Elderslie in 1983, but I moved back to Perth and didn’t get serious about it till 1986. The T 10 static line jumps at Elderslie didn’t impress me much!

The photos were taken by Tony Dale and he did a great job…thanks Tony and thanks for sharing them today! A lot of old but good memories there!

As it turned out, the 31st of January was also the date of the America’s cup final when Australia 2 won the cup and we could see the yachts all lining up from our bird’s eye view at 10,000ft!

A bit of history for anyone interested….. Jim Knox and Paul Osbourne convinced the APF that Accelerated Freefall (AFF) was the way of the future to train new comers into skydiving and these days no one does the old method of training ofย static line these days.

Paul is AFF jump master 1 in Australia and Jim is number 2 and Irish was their first trained up JM at JM 3!

I was the first AFF graduate in WA and celebrated in style by jumping into our wedding!

We are coming up for 30 years anniversary next year!


Airport reunion


As some of you out there know, I started off as an aircraft engineer and today, myself and one of the other apprentices arranged for a long over due reunion of the crew we used to work together with.

When the youngest members of that reunion were myself and Paul Drayton are 58, then you know the general age is going to be getting up there!

It would have been 35 years or more since I have seen some of these guys and it was a great catch up.

There were some great stories told over a few hours and I am sure we will do it again before everyone gets to much further down the track.

The Fremantle Sailing club put on a great show for us.

Into the Light…another True North adventure!


On one of the village visits in West Papua recently, I came across this little cutie who was only too happy to do a few poses for me.

Mikie Mike Fletcher had spotted these God rays coming through the slats thanks to some coals burning down in the background which made for a nice backdrop.

It is pleasing to see a generation of people so happy with the simple life and not constantly wanting for things and so happy in their own space.

I think we could all learn some lessons from their lifestyle!

Gourmet weekend down South



tp-aerial-2 the-yacht-and-the-seagull tp-aerial-1

The Margaret River Region was host to a Gourmet weekend this weekend with various satellite events like the Gourmet BBQ at Castle Rock.

When i saw the clouds clearing up I thought I’d head out to see what I could get and found the above scenes well worth capturing.

The crew at the function looked like they were having a ball and the band was getting some good vibes out there which encouraged the punters to get rocking on the beach after lunch.

I will certainly get a group together next year to experience this event.

A couple of drone aerials from True North at West Papua

bagan-aerial true-north-tranquil-aerial


A couple of aerial shots from West Papua from my Phantom 4.

You can see our adventurers interacting with the Whale Sharks on the top image and the Bagan’s that are used to net up the bait.

This has become a viable industry for the region and at night time you can see a number of the Bagan’s all lit up attracting the small fish they then on sell for bait etc, as you will see in the bottom image.

The beauty of this industry is that they are now focused on the bait industry rather than hunting the Whale Sharks and in this area the Sharks are protected, so a good story all round really.


Whale Shark Spa!

silvias-bubbles silvia-with-shark

On the best dive we did with the Whale Sharks of West Papua a few weeks ago on True North, the water was clear and we had a heap of playful sharks swimming around and most of the divers donned their scuba gear and had a fat time giving the Whale Sharks a bubbly ‘spa’ experience with their buddy reg.

The sharks love just lying in the bubbles and definitely keep coming back for more bubbles when ever they can.

I chose to free dive on this occasion and was very happy with the mobility that decision gave me and the various perspectives I could adopt quickly.