World War 2 Plane Wrecks

lightning-1-900 lightning-engine-900 zero-4


We dived in 2 areas with some very cool World War 2 history.

The top 2 shots are of 1 of 3 Lightning P 38’s that got lost in a storm and ditched in shallow water close to and island. We understand the 3 pilots were rescued 4 days later.

The bottom photo is of a Japanese Zero. The water was a lots clearer this year that 3 years ago and managed to get some cool shots of it this time.

2 thoughts on “World War 2 Plane Wrecks

  1. Are the American planes P51 Mustangs or P38 Lightnings?

    I think they are more likely to be P38 Lightnings.

    Great shots and really good visibility.

    Peter R

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