Wedding Jump!


wedding-exit I saw this photo today on Tony Dale’s Facebook page and thought I would share it.

This was my 55th jump back on January 31, 1987 when I jumped into our wedding.

We all landed in Troy park in Melville and where I landed is where we were married.

On the jump were my 2 AFF instructors, Jim Knox and Irish, Jim is on my right wing and Irish on the left. On the back of the diamond was my old mate Cummo (Steve Cummins) from Newcastle.

Steve originally got me into jumping in Elderslie in 1983, but I moved back to Perth and didn’t get serious about it till 1986. The T 10 static line jumps at Elderslie didn’t impress me much!

The photos were taken by Tony Dale and he did a great job…thanks Tony and thanks for sharing them today! A lot of old but good memories there!

As it turned out, the 31st of January was also the date of the America’s cup final when Australia 2 won the cup and we could see the yachts all lining up from our bird’s eye view at 10,000ft!

A bit of history for anyone interested….. Jim Knox and Paul Osbourne convinced the APF that Accelerated Freefall (AFF) was the way of the future to train new comers into skydiving and these days no one does the old method of training of┬ástatic line these days.

Paul is AFF jump master 1 in Australia and Jim is number 2 and Irish was their first trained up JM at JM 3!

I was the first AFF graduate in WA and celebrated in style by jumping into our wedding!

We are coming up for 30 years anniversary next year!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Jump!

  1. A very interesting story Markie Mark! I’m glad you made it to marry your sweetheart Lee Lee!
    Coincidentally its our 19th Wedding Anniversary today talking about weddings!

  2. Great bit of history there mate! I didn’t know that knoxy and Irish were AFF JMs 2&3! And you were the first AFF qualified jumper!! I understand T10 jumping didn’t impress you! Unfortunately I qualified on the damn things!!

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