Cyclone Clouds over Rottnest

I don’t know how many of you Photog’s out there got out this morning for the sunrise?

It was pretty awesome over at Rottnest and fortunately I had my trusty Phantom 4 Pro with me to really get the aerial perspective.

Not long after this shot was taken the rain set in pretty solidly and after a hearty breakfast with Niki, Dave and some friends we headed back home after what was a pretty cool Australia Day at Rottnest.

I hope you all had some fun somewhere!

A message to those who don’t get it!!!

As most of you will know by now, my Facebook page was hacked today and many of my contacts received a message from me in Messenger with a photo from their Facebook page and a question like, ‘is this you’.

If you did receive a message like that please delete and change your Facebook password.

This sort of scam has been circulating now for a while and my hack came from one of my mates who suffered a similar fate.

So from here rather than go on a rant about these people, I would rather send a message out to them and everyone else out there, reminding you all that its not a rehearsal and simply ask why would anyone waste their time with such activities???

There is so many cool things to do in this world and so many things to contribute to in a positive way.

So my sincere apologies once again for any inconvenience caused by the hack and big cuddles from me to all my Facebook friends and followers.

I have reset my password and with the guidance of my IT dude, we have rejigged the security settings on my Facebook page, so hopefully that will be the end of it.

Good night all!


Charley video

Darren Mc Cagh and Mike Fletcher have now finished a short snapshot of the video shoot we did earlier in the week.

Nice work lads and a very nice tribute to the passion and effort our Echo Team put into this project.

Rottnest Photo Shoot of our Shadow vessel

Now that was more like summer!

What a cracker day we had at Rottnest today doing the final shoot on Charley.

Twas a big day with started at sunrise going hard all day and some 500 images later we now have the shots we need to show the world what the Echo team is capable off.

Thanks to all the team who assisted me today. It came together very well.