Rockingham Shore Dive

I went for a dive with my mate Linz this morning down at Rockingham.

They have a good shore dive there with some wrecks and other interesting things.

As it turned out I had just picked up my new 8-15mm Fisheye lens from Saul at Camera Electronic, so it was a perfect opportunity to take it for a test run.

Very happy with the lens and the variety of captures.

A good morning out and I think my feet have just about thawed out now…pretty dam cold down there!

Big Bears

I went down to Bears today and it was going off….possibly a bit too much!

One of the guys who I passed walking down commented that he copped a sharalfing!

There was no sitting inside picking off the smaller ones, it was take off on the bombs or nothing.

I decided to take photos instead and saw a lot of carnage out there, so happy with the decision to sit this one out.

These were taken with both my drone and my Nikon D810 with the 70-200.

The guy on the blue board was having a very good day!

Bridge Sunrise

On the way back from the gym this morning I was presented with a very spectacular sunrise, so I pulled over and set up my trusty Nikon and pinged away.

A nice way to start the day for sure!

A passer by stopped and asked why I was shooting a bridge with trucks on it would you believe!

Some people can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’! ?