Monaco Show 2017

Its been a hectic few days in Monaco, with the phone system all but unusable, the internet system not much better and even the toilets around the place being overloaded.
People going every which way and looking for a reason to do business together.
I don’t think there is a more hectic boat show on the planet and there is no understating the grandure of all of the boats that come into the Super Yacht Show at Monaco.
Tomorrow is the last day for the Monaco Super Yacht show for 2017 and my legs will surely be glad of the rest after miles and miles of walking to and from the stand, not to mention the bits in between for meetings etc.
I set out early the other morning to get the soft light and found this little scene which I think epitomises the show very well…big yachts all backed into the jetty and and endless array of them.

Monaco Yacht Show at Night

After dinner this evening, I took a walk up around the older heights on the Western side of Monaco to get a higher perspective.

What I found up there was quite amazing really, with a beautifully restored fort complete with canons and guards.

But the best part of the walk was the over view of the yacht show.

Very cool and well worth what would have been around a 10km round trip walk for me this evening!


Lee and I are spending the weekend in Nice just before the Monaco show next week where we will be showcasing some new ideas to the Super Yacht community.
These were the first shots I have edited from Nice after about an 8 km walk to walk off the stale effects of a long flight.