Sunset Poem by Carl

My good friend Carl, AKA Crispy, sent me through a poem yesterday and the challenge then was to find a suitable image to support the beauty of the poem he wrote.

The above image is what I came up with which was certainly one of the more memorable Sunsets from last year’s Rottnest season.

Carl’s poem reads: ‘Sun met sand and touched red sky. Glass eyes could not resist as shuttered memories captured a sunset cloud trail wisp’.

I hope you like the poem and the supporting image.

Super Yacht update

Here are a couple of recent shots of the super yacht project, which is now running down the line for a launch around March/April next year.

The bottom photo shows the portside tunnel with all the fairing to the waterline complete and the big swinging ride control wing in the foreground ready for installation.

There will be 4 of these wings fitted fore and aft between the hulls and they will rock fore and aft to take out roll and pitch in heavy seas.

In the early new year the scaffold will start to come down which will reveal the majesty of the ship being created by the Echo team.