Tenting in readiness for the paint shoot on the Super Yacht

The lads at Exclusive Coatings are getting ready for the big gloss shoot on the Super Yacht this weekend.
What you can see happening here is making a big tent which will be pressurised to keep the dust out and then 8 painters will be going hard on the weekend applying the gloss.
The area includes the entire bow above the outside fender and all the way to the aft bulwark sections.
This will probably be the biggest shoot the Exclusive lads will do on the project.

Outer Fayes Bay, Rottnest Island

Classic conditions at Rotto yesterday.
The best yet for the summer season and after a very enjoyable dive, I set out in the tender to get some shots.
As it turned out everything alined beautifully to make it possible for this image.
I had a light Easterly blowing and a low tide, but high enough to just let the tender drift with the motor up and I just did that.
I drifted for about 15 minutes pinging away with stunning scenes like this over the outer reef at Fayes Bay.
If the tide had been higher, the colours would not have been there, if the tide had been lower, I would not have been able to drift over the reef.
If the wind had been stronger, the colours would have been lost and if the sun was not in the same spot the colours would have been lost.
Timing is everything!