Naiad Ride control for the new Echo Super Yacht

The is one of the wings which become the system of ride control on the Super Yacht we are building at Echo Yachts.
You will see a large wing in the foreground and then another one further aft.
All in all there are 4 wings between the Trimaran hull form and a large flap under the transom to control pitch.
The system was designed by Naiad Ride control and it will work by way of movement sensors in the hull feeding the controlling computer and then swinging these control surfaces fore and aft, or up and down as the case may be to reduce the roll, heave and pitch of the vessel considerably.
Apart from looking very cool, the wings will also be an integral part of smoothing out the ride of the vessel.


On the way out to York there are a couple of painted Trees.

They are 2 left of 3 of these creations, but sadly the first one called Fred was burned down by some idiot a few years ago.

Last weekend when I was driving out there the overcast conditions and the rain made for some really nice light on these trees so I stopped to shoot them.

Hillman Farm Skydiving Facilities

I am working on a bit of a project at the moment which took me down to Hillman Farm where I spent many years Skydiving.
It was closed for the weekend and I really enjoyed just peacefully walking around and taking in memories in the tranquility of the Hillman DZ.
The light on Saturday was awesome to boot which was another nice bonus.

Fremantle Thunderstorms

We have a really cool Thunderstorm going through Perth now as I post this image.
I heard it kicking off around 0500 this morning and lay in bed debating if to head out or not, but then decided I would sleep in any case, so may as well head out.
A very enjoyable morning out and I got to use my Pluto Lightning trigger for the first time and very happy with its performance.
This is a 5 image stitch after the lightning strike as the clouds were just to die for and a single capture would not have done it justice!

Prince Regent Thunderstorm

This is a 6 image vertical stitch of True North heading out of the Prince Regent and into a thunderstorm.
It started getting a little rough in the tender after this so we had to abandon the plan to shoot the heli landing at Sunset.