Fremantle foggy morning

A foggy start to the day this morning!

On the way to work I spotted this little scene developing, so I stopped and got the drone up just in time for some epic light and drama.

Landed and carried onto work 10 minutes later and it started raining and was dark and gloomy.

I think I timed this one right!

Yacht reflections

This little scene caught my eye whilst walking under the yacht the other day.
One of our workers up on an elevated work platform inspecting something on the hull and his reflection shining out easily with the high gloss finish in the now finished tunnel.

Majestic Akita

I went down to the wharf this evening to see what was offer photo opportunity wise.
As I looked around I saw this magnificent example of an Akita being walked by his owners and after a quick cuddle and a few goes at getting him to pose, I finally got this shot.
Akita’s are very special to my family having owned 2 of them with the last one, Costa passing away few years ago.
One for you Niki!