Beached Yachts in Rockingham

With a few areas in Perth today getting 60 knot gusts I thought there might be a good opportunity to see some boats on the beach as is often the case in Rockingham and my instinct was correct!

At least 6 boats on the beach that I could see and probably more down the beach a bit.

The evening was finished off with a nice BBQ with Linz and Made..thanks guys!

Waiting for a break in the Traffic!

I spent a few hours shooting around North Point yesterday.
Nice light and flew the drone a couple of times.
This young surfer dude came running down the hill frothing in anticipation of going for a surf.
As always happens, after about a 20 minute lull in the swell, a set of 5 or 6 bombs came through.
His expression says it all….’where did they come from’!