Old cars and Boabs!

I had a fantastic afternoon out in KAS helicopter’s new R44 with pilot Thomo.
I made a bit of a plan and we ticked off every box and some landing juts before sunset.
We landed a couple of times, firstly for this location and then for a refuel.
If you want to do great aerials out of Broome then these guys at KSAS helicopters are the boys to go with.

2 thoughts on “Old cars and Boabs!

  1. Wow what a awesome composition Markie Mark. Will definitely consider going with these guys when we can next get to Broome.

    1. Sweet Kymie Kym!

      They also have a base in Derby, so you could do a Broome session and a Derby session, but what I did worked out great. We left at 1330, flew straight to Derby, did a few aerials along the way, landed at the boat site for about 30 minutes, then flew to Derby to top up fuel and then up high around the mudflats and then worked our way back to the west coast and down to Broome for the sunset with the camels…boom! šŸ™‚

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