Latest True North Adventure in West Papua

We are now back from our latest adventure on True North, which was up there with one of the best adventures yet.

The destination was epic, the crew were awesome and the passenger mix was superb and we all got along like we had kn own each other for years.

Below is a link to a bit of a slide show I did of the trip.



Ayau Atoll

We are up very close to the Equator today and did a couple of cool dives and a fabulous heli flight over the Ayau Atoll.
Plenty more where this image came from!
Off to Wayag Islands now.

Point Walter Storm Cell

Some cool storm activity out this evening.
This is the first of a few with a number of cells dancing around shortly after this, with strong wind squalls and rain then followed.
So I skidadilled south to try and stay ahead of the cells.