White Rabbit now ready for hand over

We are now putting on the finishing touches to White Rabbit in readiness for hand over.

White Rabbit is doing everything we expected of her and I am sure has set a new standard for large yachts in regards the lack of vibration, speed, efficiency and economy to run.

Without doubt the most impressive vessel I have ever built or sea trialled.


Beauty and the Beast!

I am calling this post beauty and the beast!
Mike and I had a wonderful opportunity to do some shooting of a mates Ballerina daughter on White Rabbit this evening.
Not to be outdone Mikie Mike had to have a crack at doing the aerial splits!
A nice way to see the day out!

Colourful cross

This was one of those dives where just where we rolled in there was a myriad of scenes to capture without going too far.
The non Photog crew went around the corner to the left and found an awesome array of sealife.
What was happening in this scene is underneath the colourful foreground is a cave and one of the other divers was exploring the cave and their bubbles were leaking through…..net result cool scene for me to capture!