Cooper Pedy Opal Mining

Yesterday morning we headed out to the opal mining area at Cooper Pedy just outside of town.

We saw a nice silhouette scene of some mining kit before sunrise and then put the drone up for some shots of the mining area.

So many mounds and so many holes! The vertical stitch starts from straight down so you can see just how many holes are out there!

Cooper Pedy Lookout Cave Hotel

I am back home now and managed to work a couple of images up from Cooper Peedy.
The hotel shot is of the underground Hotel we stayed at which was very comfortable and nicely presented. Its called the Lookout Cave Hotel.
A balmy 22 degrees inside due to the insulation effect of being underground, regardless of the outside temperature.
The Old truck us just outside of Cooper Peedy on the way to Willims Creek and I used a texture shot from inside the underground hotel on the truck image.