Shakey and the Wall Art

Local Artist Shakey is about to covert our upstairs wall to a work of art creating some nice ambience with one of my photos of Lee Lee in the Bizmark Sea.

We recently put down the Marri floors and after Shakey finishes the artwork on the wall, I will be installing a sauna.

Having had a sauna for over 20 years at our Oakford property, I have been missing the wonders of the sauna for some years now!

There will be a time-lapse of the process at the end, so stay tuned for that!

Canal Rocks

Christian and I went out this morning for a shoot at Canal Rocks. A bit chilli out but as always, a great way to start the day.

I also saw my first wild flowers for the season down here with a little clump of Everlastings down at Bunkers Bay later in the day.

Derby Mudflats

Here is a high wide stitch of the Derby Mudflats showing all of the wonder of this area and the natural art created by the mega tides up there.
KAS helicopter Pilot Roger was the perfect tripod for me to get this stitch spinning the R44 on the spot nicely as I pinged away.