Interferry final dinner

Well we had a fabulous finale to the Interferry conference this year with a well organised dinner in an old sail training college built in the 1600’s in Greenwich, just near the actual Greenwich mean time line.
Stunning place and excellent food. Well done to the Interferry team for organising it and also to Sean Collin’s team from Thames Clippers.
I had a very interesting end to the evening though!
I chose to take the early bus back to the hotel as we are flying back in the morning and walked outside and jumped on the bus that was sitting where the arrival bus dropped us off.
The problem was, it was not an interfere bus and I ended up miles away and only twigged when the driver turned the bus off!
I thought Oh oh…Houston we could have a problem here! In the middle suburbia where no cabs are likely to be and Google Maps is telling me its about a 25 minute drive to the hotel, so walking was out of the question!
Then around the corner comes a cabby on the way home after his last fare and he pulled over.
Thank goodness or I would still be out there I reckon!
All part of life’s adventures i guess! šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜ŽšŸ˜Ž