Snow Mass Aerial

I shot this aerial during our recent visit to Snow Mass and just after quite a solid snow dump.

The area looked stunning from the air as the clouds were slowly dissipating after the storm.

The view is looking up into the Snow Mass Village to the left.

Redstone Colorado

Redstone is a very neat little town set in one of the valleys in the Colorado mountains.
We dropped into the general store and had some really nice coffee and home made cookies.
All of the houses were really cool and kind of funky looking in their own way.
There was even a skating rink with free skates hanging up in a shed and a voluntary donation system if you used them.
Read that as being ‘way too risky for this little black duck’, after having just recovered from shoulder surgery.
Pretty happy with my skiing this trip and all in tact, which was the mission statement!
Now getting home could pose a challenge!

Aspen Aqua River

Just as you enter Aspen there is a beautiful aqua blue river.
I saw it when we drove over a bridge to get to Aspen on the first day and chose today to get out and scout what I could find.
Typical of a lot of perspectives in snow country it is hard to get close enough because of deep snow in the closer areas, but I did my best.
Whilst there shoot I ran across a team of documentary film makers using actual 16mm film! They were doing a documentary and getting some B roll stuff for the doco.

Snow Mass Village for New Year

Well after a bit of an epic journey getting to Colorado we are now finally here and the place is stunning.
At 1800 this evening they put on a lantern run which looked very cool with hundreds of lanterns skating down the mountain and finishing off at base camp.
Pretty dam cold out and Lee didn’t venture far from the various fires that are scattered around the place.
Off to get some shut eye now and freshen up for some skiing tomorrow.
Happy New Year everyone! Its still not New year here yet!