Fremantle Thunder Storm

There is quite a story to this photo!

I was down at the sailing club refuelling my boat when I looked up and saw this coming down the coast, so I cut the refuel short and dashed back to the pen, then opened up the back of the cruiser then remembered i hadn’t charged my drone batteries from this morning’s True North shoot…doh!

Note to self….charge batteries after each flight!

So, with only 2 batteries with 35% in each one I shot the drone up from where I stood in the sailing club carpark, pinged one set of stitches with one battery, landed then did the same with the second one.

I had just enough juice in each battery to do one stitch and land.
How’s the water coming out of those clouds and getting lighten up by the setting sun and how’s how solid the cloud above the system was?

I then packed up the car and tried to get ahead of the system and down to the Power Station only to be foiled by traffic!

Net result rain pouring down and lightning all around me and me sitting inside devastated that I didn’t get a second crack at the system.
Pretty happy with this shot but!