Rottnest Closed!

This will be our second last night at Rottnest for this season due to a very questionable decision by the Mc Gowan Government to turn Rottnest into some sort of quarantine centre.

Today we were given 2 days notice to clear out and advised that military vessels will be patrolling the island after that.

In one minute of lateral thinking I can think of numerous alternatives far better than this decision, namely:

Leeuwin Barracks, Northam refugee detention centre, Any of the empty hotels in Perth, any of the old hospitals that are under utilised, or even Garden Island for that matter!

So instead they kick everyone off the mainland today, then all the boats who have chosen to self isolate here whilst the Corona Virus Storm passes are told to leave by Midnight Thursday!

Everyone of the boats here are self sufficient and we have absolutely no need to go to the mainland, we can make our own water, we have our own supplies.

We are the lowest risk group of people in Perth and now we have to go into lock down in Perth?

Not to mention the knock on effect to the island businesses themselves, who have to just shut down at short notice.

A seriously inappropriate decision made as a knee jerk I think.

I also hope that the stigma of Rottnest being the ‘quarantine island doesn’t stick when this is all over.

Lets hope the rest of the decisions needed to be made before this is all over is done with some more smarts than this one!