Fremantle Empty

Another walk around empty Freo this morning and I (hopefully) saw a sign that we are getting past the Corona Virus situation as ‘front and centre’ on the footpath as we walked past was Corona itself, but the bottle was empty!
Then a nice little scene presented itself in a puddle near the Esplanade.

Rainbow Sunrise

A cracker sunrise at Point Walter this morning.
I met up with the Mervman for a sunrise shoot which started off a bit ordinary but then quickly elevated to extra ordinary.
After moving around a bit to find some foreground interest, a guy paddled past on his stand up with his dog on the front and the there was a shag off to the left and a full rainbow to boot!
A nice way to start the day!

PNG Pikininis

Here is a series of shots I took on True North in PNG a few years ago. The kids there are so playful and total water babies.

As soon as they saw the camera they started hamming it up and jostling for prime position for the shoot.

I very much hope this mongrel virus does not get into these communities as it will decimate them.

Images from my walks

Like everyone in lock down I am getting out every day either walking or riding to get some exercise and the above images are a bit of an insight into what I have been seeing out there.

It seems a little bit surreal in a way, as the world has definitely changed but it still looks the same and there is still beauty everywhere.

East Freo Sunset

I took my camera for a walk last night for my hour of exercise!
Most people take their dogs for a walk but I kinda like my camera and enjoy spending quality time with it! 😜
A nice night out all round with serene glassy conditions.
Funny how within the serenity are some potentially deadly germs hanging around somewhere!

My Story

This post is about a project I did 18 months ago for my 60th which was to create a video showing a cross section of my life which I aired for my 60th celebrations.
The project took me 6 months to do and I found it extremely rewarding.
The video can be seen here:
The reason I am posting this story is to encourage people, whilst they have time to reflect back to what they have done and achieved throughout their life and to get it down as either a hard copy album or a digital slide show or a video which is the medium I chose.
There are numerous software sites that can cater for this exercise including, Lightroom, Photoshop, Adobe Premier and even iPhoto if you have a Mac.
I found that doing the interviews with important people in my life brought out a number of stories and snippets that I had forgotten and it was great just to relive those experiences. Of course with social distancing rules these days such things would have to be done by phone or Skype or something, but it can be done for sure.
The next thing this journey prompted me to do was to video my Mum and hear her story from the early days which not only perked her up, it also taught me a lot about her early days with stories I had never heard before.
Mum passed away a few months after getting that video story so the effort was very timely.
So a few ideas above for projects that can be done during these times of isolation that are very rewarding and which are the sort of thing that always gets put off during our normal hectic lives.
Many of my friends are very much now looking at simplifying things post Covid 19 who have seen the benefit in slowing down.
I hope you guys are finding the same thing and I also hope you enjoy watching a snapshot into my story!