Boogie Surfer

Whilst shooting this surfer dude on Stormy Monday I noticed he was a bit wobbly on the turns.

When I was zooming in during the edit I could now see he was standing on a boogy board…legendary stuff!

The other image is is of a bomb coming through Castle Rock

Sugarloaf Rock Storm

Sugarloaf rock was insane this afternoon!
In between hiding from rain squalls, dealing with salt spray and getting blown away with the 40+ knots of wind it was some shoot.
But kinda happy with this shot which was one of the last I took today.

Degustation Cooking at Home

Since Covid is restricting restaurant numbers here is an ‘at home’ solution for catching up with friends in a safe environment at home whilst Chef, Simon Nabor entertains you all with culinary delights.

A fabulous way to get together after the Covid lock down and a way to get together in the comfort of your own home!

See the link above to view the video I did of the evening.

True North and Cendrawashi Bay

On this day in 2016 I was on board True North with Niki and Dave and on this particular dive, Oly and I were doing our normal camera stuff and hanging together, but when we came up the bubble boy and the pick up boat were miles away. Whilst Oly inflated the signal tube I took the opportunity to ping some shots.
The other shot is Davie boy giving the Whale shark a bubble massage.