Sailing Club Mirror

Well that was one crazy turn around day where we went from normal….read that as ‘Perth normal’….to full lock down!
So rather than post another image of the craziness in the shops right now, here’s a calming image from Midnight last night at the Fremantle Sailing Club.
A 7 image stitch with the Nikon.

2 thoughts on “Sailing Club Mirror

  1. Mark looks like a hairs breath of wind ? Another positive Post thats one of your many strengths we all can take a leaf out of your book…

  2. Hi Mark
    Have enjoyed your other posts without making a comment each time. This time, I just HAD to pass comment. That is a stunning stitch. You should sell it to a sailing club! Yes, a bummer about Covid19 restrictions for our Perth. We had so much freedom for so long. Still the WA Govt does the right thing to protect all of us. Take care and happy snapping. Faye

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