Catch us if you can!!

These Picinini’s are just like any normal kids and on our return from Noipus Village we found them racing each other back to shore.

Oily calm water, thunderstorms off in the distance and a rainbow to boot. I have a colour version as well which is also pretty cool, but I think in this instance the Black and White works quite well.

Village People!!!

These shots are typical of what you see in PNG. When we drop anchor, shortly after all the village people come out to greet us and to offer fresh fruit and souvenirs.

They are so comfortable with this mode of transport and they get out and about for miles in their canoes. I don’t think I can remember seeing one fat PNG person, so they definitely have it over us in that way! The guys are extremely well cut that would make any body builder green with envy!

Luscernque Sailing Family

This is a shot of the Luscernque family who were blown off course that I featured in previous posts about PNG.

The travel miles in these basic marine craft. They carry glowing embers on green palm leaves and sand so that they can easily start a fire when they get to the next destination. Their diet kicks off with coconuts and bananas and then they add to it with what ever else they can catch or gather.

Tufi Village

The Tufi Village was probably the most up to date and also the most advanced. The Chief even had a TV and radio in his shack!

The view shown above is the view not far from the Chief’s house. We are talking about seriously multi million dollar views here any where else on the planet.

You can see the standard Thunderclouds forming and even raining off in the distance

Cool River in PNG

This is one of my favourite excursions in PNG. There is a torrent of freezing cold fresh water raging out of the mountain side being fed by the 6m rainfall in the area. The cool water is so refreshing and as it meets the 29 degrees salt water a nice little peak is formed for some good body surfing.

The people come down from the highlands and travel for 2 days to meet us.

Once again very humbling.