Mark and Lee with the Pikinini's

This shot was taken by my trusty offsider…Rod Thomas!

I cause a real stir when I lifted this little tacker onto my shoulder. The kids loved it and I have a fan club for a while after!

Thanks Rodney for capturing the moment so well!

Guduraba Island PNG

This Island is just down the way from Luscernque Island. Rod, Mike and I slipped over here after lunch and after shooting Luscernque on one of the True North tenders.

My main memory of this island is how hot we were! The PNG family we ran into who were a bit marooned until the wind changed also cruised over to the island as there were more coconuts and bananas over there. I am guessing they had at least another night there.

All of these experiences are very humbling when you see the dumb things we all get upset about in our lives. These people have nothing, expect nothing and are totally happy with their lot!

Golden Sunset at the Duke of Yorks

I found this stitch lurking in my RAW files. A 10 photo stitch and it worked a treat first up.

Pretty happy with the result as well. This was one of those times when we debated if to go out or not and for sure the effort was worth it!

Last 2 from the Duke of York Islands

Here are another couple of worthy additions to the Duke of York Islands collection. The clouds seemed to just mimic the sand bar on the first image and the range of colours were exceptional on the second image.

Mike’s New PNG Video

Mike Fletcher has created a short snap shot of the PNG kids we met on the last True North Adventures in Paradise Trip 2.

There will be more to come, but this video is a very tastefully done capture of the innocence that are the PNG children.

You can view the video at: Mike Fletcher’s Video

More Duke of York Pano’s

Here are a couple of serene scenes from the Duke of York Islands, near Rabaul. I love the texture in the driftwood on the first image and the cracker thunder cloud brewing in the distance. Once again a couple of images taken whilst the boys were in the heli!!

Duke of York Islands

Whilst Rodney and Mike were styling up in the heli over Rabaul, I was left behind to pick up the dregs in this very shabby location! Not a bad consolation prize in my book!

The Duke of York Islands are home to a number of second world war wrecks including a couple of tanks that are only in about 10m of water. Apparently the Japanese push them off a barge before they left PNG. There are also some world war 2 prison tunnels not far from this location.

Blue Holes PNG

This is a beautiful blue swimming hole we found up at the end of a river. I was told that some French Divers tried to find the bottom and at 60m could still not see the bottom anywhere in sight!

This area gets 6m of rainfall a year so no doubt the constant flow of water must erode out the limestone like there is no tomorrow!

The water a a nice crisp temperature compared to the 29 degrees temperature experienced in the ocean.