Trinidad Water Taxis…built by Austal Ships

The Trinidad Water Taxi project is now drawing to a close will all vessels now being Technically Accepted by us as the Owners representatives for the Trinidad Government.

These vessels came out really well and we are very impressed with the overall finish and performance.

41m long, 405 passengers, 37.5 knots at 90% of the available horsepower out of 4 x 1440 kw MTU 16V2000M72 main engines driving through Ka Me Wa water jets.

Austal Catamaran Water Jet Wake

I am currently looking after the build of 4 x 41m Cat ferries for the Trinidad Government as an Owner’s rep and the first of these 4 Catamaran Ferries went on trials last week.

We achieved 40 knots at 100 % Power and we operating in about 18 knots of breeze. The ride was exceptional and as you can see by this wake the water jets move a serious amount of water to propel these craft along at 40 knots.

The vessel has 4 x 1400 kW MTU 16V2000M72 series main engines and Ka Me Wa A series water jets.

Something a little different for the blog but I am sure it will be of interest to some crew out there!