Trekking images from today

Good evening!
We are now in Goodawindi and will arrive in Sanctuary Cove tomorrow.
This morning we did a nice walk through the Dubbo Zoo before heading off and along the way found some Autumn colours at a little town called Coonabarabran.
So here is a summary of the images captured today.
The mushroom composition was Lee Lee’s idea, so she gets the credit for that one!

Wirrulla Lakes

We are now in Port Augusta, which is an eye opener to say the least!
I don’t think I have ever experienced such extended road works in any state and had to endure reduced speed and hassle in general for at least 1/3 of the trip today.
We did manage to find some nice little scenes along the way (before the road works) with a little detour out from Wirrulla.
Off to Broken Hill tomorrow….hopefully without the roadworks!

Pinkies Tranquility

We are now settled into Rotto after sorting out a few teething problems.
Yesterday’s 40 knot southerlies were a bit of a test for some with some carnage in the anchorage as is often the case with strong winds.
On such days both anchors and skills are tested and are often found to be somewhat lacking!
Today is a much nicer day with just a gentle southerly blowing over the dunes.
This shot was taken on low tide from last season just off Pinkies….the scene of 2 helicopter shark sightings on 2 consecutive days!

F8 and be there!

Sometimes when you’re out and about all the elements come together….perfect light, great subject matter good position and camera in hand.
All that’s left to do is take the shot, but getting to that point takes dedication and persistence and backing the decision to still go out even though the conditions perhaps don’t look ideal.
In this instance, we were flying in from the West and I could see the light developing. I was almost willing the help to jet get there before the clouds closed in again…but got there we did and a few minutes after this shot the light had gone flat again.
F8 and be there as they say! 🙂