Sun-worshipper 2

Once again the first shot I took at the canal rocks shoot and I spent a bit of time on this image. There is a lot going on in here with the water movement being almost perfect, the strong diagonals the amazing colours on the rocks on the other side of the canal, the photographer setting up his tripod and the water rushing in on the bottom left corner. It is a 10 image stitch with the 50mm L series.

Sunset Worshipers!!!

I ducked down south on Saturday arvo and caught up with my shooting buddy Ian Wise at Canal Rocks just before sunset.

There was another couple of sunset worshipers on the top of the other rocks, which gave this photo some scale…hence the title!

It is a very cool spot down at Canal Rocks and it looks different every time I go there. This time we were able to get to the North set of rocks so we were able to get the 4 cross channels coming together.