Sugar Loaf Northern Drama

Here is another perspective from the other day at Sugarloaf. I sat at this spot for some time as the drama was simply mesmerising. Some of the waves exploding were literally throwing up water 10’s of metres in the air and I could help think how helpless you would be if in amongst all that water movement!

No wonder people die when wash off rocks down there…the power of Mother Nature!

Sugarloaf Storm

We went down south this weekend and rather than battle the hordes of crowds in the water, I decided to head out to Sugarloaf to see what I could get with the 4m swells.

Ian Wise joined me a little later and we worked around the area for a few hours in between rain showers.

This shot took some work I can tell you! An 18 shot stitch which I had to do manually as PT Gui wouldn’t touch it!

Shot with my 50mm and a 10 stop ND…took a few hours I can tell you!

The Cape to Cape Runners

Here is a cross section of the runners┬áMichael Baldock and Andrew Cohen….thanks Merv for enlightening me as to the details!

I was pre occupied with other things on the night such as sleeping on a wooden floor with no cushioning at all etc!

As Merv mentioned in his blog post, one of the goals of the run was to raise awareness to the Fred Hollows foundation and to also raise some funds as well.

I have a lot more shots of the runners, but these will give you a good cross section of the short of terrain they had to endure…everything from boggy sand to rocks and major hills!

I get tired just working up the shots!