Castle Rock Gold!

Castle Gold St

I had a mate Reece over here this evening assisting me with a drone shoot and after that went into some photoshop coaching.

Without doubt the fastest student yet and a testament to how the younger generation just get technology so well.

We worked this one up together which is a 4 image wide angle stitch and was very happy with the outcome.

This is one of the images shot the other week down at Castle Rock with Christian Fletcher when we both got drowned on the way back…definitely worth the drenching! 🙂

Castle Rock Colours

Castle Rock Low Tide

Lee and I spent the weekend down south again this weekend and I headed out to Bunkers and Castle Rock for a shoot with Ian Weise and Mikie Mike Fletcher on Saturday arvo…or at least Mikie Mike was with us for the Castle Rock part.

We had some nice light and a little thunderstorm cruising by, which made for an interesting skyline for a while.

The colour in the water was popping nicely as the sun punched out from behind the clouds periodically, so it was just a matter of waiting for those moments!

Castle Rock Sunset

We had some cool cloud build up coming together this evening so Christian Fletcher and I headed out to Castle Rock to see what we could get and we weren’t disappointed!

It started with a great colour show followed up with a lightning storm off in the distance.

A nice way to spend the evening for sure!