More Cendrawashi Bay shots






I hope everyone managed to get a look at the Today Tonight feature on this beautiful paradise last night!

I heard from Belinda Wilkinsom, the presenter, that TT rated highest out of any other show yesterday, so we kicked a big one there!

Here are some other images from the same area and those who watched the show will have seen aerials of these wrecks as well.

As it turns out True North is back on location here as we speak and Christian Fletcher and his wife Jenny are on board as well!


True North feature on Channel 7’s Today Tonight on Monday

TT Remote Tourism

I have just been notified by Channel 7’s presenter, Belinda Wilkinson that the Cendrawashi Bay feature from their True North cruise a couple of years ago will play on Today Tonight on Monday evening after the news.

Above is a bit of a teaser that will be promoted over the Telethon weekend.

Whale Shark story in the West today

Whale Shark

One of my images is featured in the West Australian News Paper today showcasing one of the Whale Shark shots I took whilst on True North in Cendrawasih Bay last year.

The vision shot by the channel 7 team will be aired on Sunrise on Tuesday, that is if the Boston Bombers or the North Korean’s pull their heads in for a while!

True North Philanthropy in West Papua



Ruben Dimara after operation

One of the many feel good things that we get involved with at North Star Cruises is helping out people in remote areas of PNG and West Papua when the opportunity arises.

2 of the more notable things we have been involved with at North Star Cruises have been sending a badly burned girl from the Lousiaides to Melbourne for treatment and skin grafts and also flying a very sick baby with a belly button infection to Alotau for an operation on the True North Heli. We were told that if she had not made it to the hospital, she probably wouldn’t have made it!

On the new Cendrawasih Bay trip last year that I was on in West Papua, we came across a young fellow at an atoll by the name of Ayau Atoll up near the equator. This young fellow had a very bad clef pallet.

A couple of the guests we had on board were very passionate about paving the way for this young fellow to have an operation to fix the clef pallet and the North Star team pulled together the plan to make it happen.

The photos above show the before and after shots and as you will see, it has made a huge difference to the young fellows looks and I am sure it will have done wonders to his well being as well.

I am now told that their were a number of people from within the community on the atoll who had some reservations about Tourists, but after seeing what can come out of having tourists coming into their lives, there can be some real benefits come out of having us there. They are very much looking fwd to welcoming us back again to thank us I am told!

A big thank you to Dennis and Gill for initiating this project and for backing it all the way and a big thanks to the team at North Star for pulling it together as well.

I look fwd to going back to Ayau Atoll sometime soon and catching up with the young fellow to see how his is faring after the op and to see the difference we have made to his life.

West Papuan Fan

Square Fan

This image is very typical of the beautiful fans we saw in West Papua late last year on True North. The diving was pristine, clear and superb!

A 3 image stitch taken with the Olympus OM-D! Such a cool little camera and off the back of how impressed I have been with the OM-D I have just ordered 2 more for True North with a housing off Peta and Paul North at Camera Solutions.

I have only recently had a need to use the motor drive function on that camera and man oh man does that rock!