‘The Ark’

The Ark

We have a boat in our shipyard at the moment that was passionately put together by an older couple who live on the boat and they cruise up and down the WA coast in it with their 2 dogs.

They have called their creation ‘the Ark’ and so I guess they have at least started the 2 animal gig by having their 2 dogs on board!

One of the cool features of this vessel is that it has a large wing keel under the vessel so they can easily beach it when ever they want.

I took this shot a few weeks ago down at Rockingham when they had the Ark anchored down there. The Ark has just been through quite a big refit at our yard and looks ready to sail off into the sunset in search of more animals! 🙂

More images from the Nikon D800E

Longreach Gods

Lighthouse B&W

Jetty Lights 3

Jetty Lights 2

Jetty Lights

Here are the latest shots from my new Nikon D800E which showcases both the excellent dynamic range of the camera and also the ability to pull detail out of underexposed images such as the jetty shots.

The sharpness and the clarity of the images is also impressive, so I am thinking I have made the right choice of kit for the up and coming Iceland trip later this year.

Perth Storms

As most of my readers will be well aware, we have a once in 10 year weather pattern smashing the coast of WA over the last couple of days and as a result the souther beaches near Rockingham area literally covered in boats which has broken their moorings.

Our work did not have power for most of the day so I decided to go out and see what I could find with storm damage.

I am sure the owners of these boats will be quite distressed and my heart goes out to them for sure!

Along the way I met a couple of lovely young ladies, one of which was sporting a new 5D MK3. She had a really neat rainbow coloured umbrella and was kind enough to let me take a shot with her friend modelling it for me.

An interesting day out for sure and we are told we have more to come tomorrow night! Game on!

South West Vineyard Sunrise

Well that was a big day!

I was up at 0330 this morning for a couple of commercial jobs for some mates and my good buddy Ian Wise came to the party and was a great help.

We pretty much shot all day today apart from a couple s of hours break at about 1400 and the conditions were pretty dam good I must say!

Here are the first 2 shots for the day. I have 16 gig more to go through! 🙂

Thunder Storm over Cockburn Sound

I was out on sea trials today and witness a great display of a very picturesque thunderstorm brewing over Rockingham and the Grain Silos.

Couple that to a very glassy afternoon which made for some great photo opportunities.

As usual I had my trusty 1D with me and was able to capture a few images…hope you like it…another should pop out soon!